Tatami, daughter of Korai (Tora)

of Amayadori Ken

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Most recent information about our kennel.

  • We are looking for a good home for 11 weeks old brindle male puppy (borne 22 August, 2023). Gaijin is fully vaccinated, dewormed and socialized. He is living with his mother at the moment and goes to puppy classes.


    Gaijin Gaijin

    Azami with Gaijin Azami with Gaijin


    Azami and her puppies Azami and her puppies

  • Mating:  On 21 June 2023 we bred our female Azami to Kenji Go Fuen No Oka. We expect the puppies on 22 August.

    Azami Go-Jasu Shin Kenji Go Fuen No Oka

    Two puppies were born on 20 August 2023.
    Genjitsu (Genji)
    – red male and Gaijin Gaijin (Gin) - brindle male.

    Genjitsu (Genji)

    Genjitsu (Genji) + Zumi Genjitsu (Genji)

    Gaijin (Gin) Gaijin (Gin)

    Genjitsu (Genji) + Gaijin (Gin) Gaijin (Gin)

    Genjitsu (Genji) + Gaijin (Gin)

  • Mating: On 29 March 2021 we mated Asato with the bitch Gina from Britta Bruckmann. On 29 May 2021 6 healthy red puppies (4 males and 2 females) were born.

Gina from Britta Bruckmann with puppiesn

puppies from Gina ans Asato von Shinrai

  • On 5 September 2020 our male Asato von Shinrai passed the temperament test and received breeding permission. He is free of hip displasia (A2), free of any eyes diseases, complete and correct scissors bite, excellent size, compact construction and free of the long coat gene. He is friendly and well-socialized with people and females and friendly with small males.

Asato von Shinrai

  • On 16 July 2019 we had a new member to our Akita family. His name is Asato von Shinrai and is co-owned by my friend Heike Kraft. He is very friendly and gets along well with Bonyari and Daiju.

Asato von Shinrai

  • On 30 June/01  July 2017 our puppies from Bonya and Daiju were born (1 male and 4 females, all red)

Bonyari and puppies

  • On 3 May 2017 we repeated the breeding of Bonya and Daiju and we expect the puppies on 3 July 2017
  • In April 2016 our puppies from Bonya and Daiju were born (2 males and 3 females, all red)

Bonyari and puppies

  • In July 2015 Taiki Go Atsugi Chitose (Daiju), born in Japan and imported to Canada came to us to become Bonyas partner.

Daiju und Bonari

  • In May 2014 Wataru of Amayadori-ken sired a litter of 4 puppies at our friend Britta Bruckmann. We kept one white female Bonyari Yunikon No Mori.
  • On 24 March 2013 Tenjou Homare (Aka) was BOB in all shows of the Triple Show in Athens. He was awarded the title Greek Champion and qualified for Cruft's in Birmingham. He was also Res BOG.

Tenjou Homare (Aka)

  • On 12 April 2012 Tenjou Homare (Aka) was awarded the title Luxemburg Champion and has now multiple champion titles including FCI-Centenary Winner 2011 and European Winner VDH 2010 and 2011.

Tenjou Homare (Aka)

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