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The German Kennel ClubFédération Cynologique InternationaleSince 1994 we have been breeding Akitas. The Akita ist the tallest of the Japanese Spitz breeds. The breed comes from the North of Japan. More than 20 litters were born in our kennel. The kennel name „Amayadori ken" is Japanese and means „Shelter from the rain".

My main target as a breeder is to breed a well-tempered, healthy Akita, that

  • complies with the current standard and
  • thanks to being brought up in our home will be able to cope with every family situation, to become a lifelong faithful companion.

Our successful offspring

Okashii Hime of Amayadori-ken (Jojo)
Our youngster
Junior Winner
6. Lahn-Dill Schau 2007
of Amayadori-ken

(Yuu Go x Jissai No)
L'Shogun of Amayadori-ken (Ken)
German Junior Champion
in February 2006,
German Champion 2007
of Amayadori-ken

(Sashi x Kiriko)
Jujitsu Na Jurojin of Amayadori-ken (Jeannie)
European Junior Winner
in May 2005,
Greek Champion 2006
Jujitsu Na Jurojin
of Amayadori-ken

(Sashi x Mary)

Our International Champions

u Go Musashi Aiwa (Shiki) Kajitsu No Esashigun Go (Sashi)
European Winners
in May 2007 and 2009 in May 2006
Senryou Go Musashi Aiwa
Kajitsu No Esashigun Go

Our new male from Japan

Tenjou Homare Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha (Aka)

Tenjou Homare Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha

International Champion of Beauty (FCI) 2011

European Winner 2010 and 2011 in Dortmund

FCI-Centenary Winner 2011 in Dortmund

German Champion (VDH) 2011

  • Mating: We bred Bonyari Yunikon No Mori to Taiki Go Atsugi Chitose on 9 Februar 2016 and had 5 red puppies (2 males and 3 females) on 8 April 2016. We plan to repeat this mating in February 2017
  • Mating: We plan the mating of Shinju with Tenjou Homare Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha in summer 2013
  • Puppies: We had one male puppy from Jissai No and Tenjou Homare Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha on 19 July 2011.
  • Mating: We bred Jissai No to Tenjou Homare Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha on 19 May 2011 and expect the puppies in July
  • Mating: We plan the mating of Okashii and Tenjou in summer 2011.
Jissai No Hi Ga Noboru (Jupi)
German Champion VDH
Jissai No Hi Ga Noboru
Yuu Go Shun'You Kensha
Spanish Champion
Yuu Go Shun'You Kensha

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Please note that our German pages (Deutsche Seiten) offer much more information:

  • Akita and I (Akita und ich) describes my life with my Akita.
  • Inform yourself about our breedings (Verpaarungen).
  • We introduce our males (Rüden) and females (Hündinnen) including pedigrees (Ahnentafeln).
  • Please visit our kennel (Zuchtanlage).
  • In December 2000 I visited a major Japanese dog show during my trip to Japan (Japanreise).
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  • In memoriam (In memoriam) reminds of our deceased dogs.
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